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About the Artist

I have been making and selling reborn dolls since they began in 1998. I try to make these beautiful baby dolls affordable for all who want to have one to cuddle. I do this by starting out with the least expensive doll kit I can find for sale, through dealer discounts or sales. As you know some of these can be priced way out of the reach that most of our budgets allow. I enjoy making these and I love sharing them, so I do not charge for the hours of work that go into their reborning process.

I do make all of the new soft bodies myself with the finest of material I can find to give the feel of a cuddly baby. Both the look and feel of a realistic lifelike reborn doll are very important to the making of my dolls. Most of the dolls have painted and/or hand-rooted hair which is the most time consuming of all the processes. Painting is done with different blends of paints in over 14 layers with each being heat set between layers. Each doll is made of different types and consistency of vinyl and so different blends and techniques are required. Nails are made realistic and eyebrows are added on in very wispy realistic styles. Eyelashes are added into or just behind the eyelid. Weighting is done using sealed bags containing the weighting materials. I do not skimp on quality or workmanship. I put a great deal of love and time in creating these dolls and hope you enjoy them for many years to come.