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How to properly use a faux bottle with a closed mouth reborn

Place finger on top of the nipple

Press the nipple straight down into itself

Place bottle against your reborns lips

How to repair unsecured limbs

You can fix it yourself very easily. Go to any dollar store or hardware store and purchase cable ties at least 11 inches long and as thin as you can find. On your doll locate the old cable tie or string in the leg opening of the body.

Remove whatever is there and then thread the new cable tie into the opening ( it may go through easier in one direction or the other. Insert the leg and secure the cable tie into the groove of the limb. tighten enough to hold the limb and cut off the excess tie and seal with a drop of glue. You can use an emery board or nail file to sand down any sharp area left on the cut. Hope this helps.

How to remove ink/dye from your doll

To remove ink or dye from your doll you are going to need any Benzoyl peroxide gel (I use ZapZyt) and an open bulb light source ( or direct sunlight). Do not attempt on painted dolls. This method is only recommended for unpainted vinyl.

First apply gel to the marked area. Place under an open bulb light fixture or in direct sunlight for about an hour checking periodically to avoid over exposure. Rinse off dried gel with water. Repeat if the blimish is still there.

How to tie your belly plate onto your reborn

Place the legs inside the lower loops of string. Pull string up to fit inside the leg joint.

Pull the strings tight. Tie the upper end of the strings around the neck.